Dr. Richard Bezanson Bio

Dr Richard (Ric) Bezanson


As orthodontists, we are challenged every day.

Our primary goal is to establish and maintain normal function, so that patients can eat as they choose without discomfort. Not just after treatment, but for a lifetime.

When the jaw doesn’t function properly, the patient’s quality of life is impacted.The orthodontist is in a unique position to improve this system while arranging the teeth to fit together properly. We are the only dental specialists who have the privilege of bringing the teeth into alignment to ensure painless mobility. A beautiful smile is often the patient’s primary goal, but that’s the easy part. The intricate harmony between teeth, the TMJ, and the neuromuscular system is far more important.

My goal as an orthodontist is to maintain normal function, correct abnormal function, and to deal with the problems that arise during and after treatment. This is a priority for every patient we see.

When I finished graduate school, I felt that I knew a lot and could provide the very best for my patients. It was humbling to realize how much I still had to learn. Dr. Brown and I belong to various study clubs and continually attend continuing education courses. As health professionals we never stop learning, because our patients deserve the best care we can give.

I truly enjoy working with young children, creating a smile that brings out their confidence. No words can convey the joy of seeing a child who was once self-conscious shine with happiness and pride. Early in my career, I realized that early intervention for young children had profound effects on patients as they reached their 30s, 40s 50s and beyond. When children are young (8-11), there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gently guide their teeth into a position that will ensure the most attractive and functional results as they grow.

Recent digital advances have expanded our options for treating cosmetic and bite issues for adults. Helping patients of all ages look their best and find relief from pain is deeply satisfying. In most cases, we can treat our patients non-surgically, without removal of adult teeth.

I earned my B.Sc., in biology in 1976, and my D.D.S. in 1980 from Dalhousie University. After practicing general dentistry for 4 years, I studied orthodontics at Tufts University in Boston, graduating in 1986. My graduate work focused on early/interceptive orthodontic treatment. After many years as an orthodontist in Moncton, NB, I opened my practice under the name of Bezanson Orthodontics in Fall River, NS in 2009. Glo Orthodontics in West Bedford, NS, opened in 2023.

I taught the orthodontic module at the Oulton’s Dental Hygiene program in Moncton, and lectured in Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick on numerous orthodontic subjects. My advanced training was completed at the Pankey Institute in Miami and the Las Vegas Institute, Las Vegas.
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